Rapeseed Oil

What makes Crisp ‘n Dry so special

If you’re after lightness and versatility, Crisp ‘n Dry is the oil for you.

Thanks to its natural properties, you can heat it to a very high temperature* before it starts smoking, which means you can get that delicious crunch on the outside while keeping the inside light. And it’s not just for roasting – it’s also perfect for fry shallowing, browning and basting.

Another benefit of Crisp ‘n Dry is that it allows your key ingredients to retain their flavour without being overpowering the way some oils can.

The majority of our rapeseed is grown right here in the UK and all of it is non-genetically modified. We’re proud to be supplied by British farmers and use fewer food miles.

*Source: https://www.whichcookingoil.org/which-one

Health Benefits

As well as getting great results in the kitchen, rapeseed oil’s got some impressive natural properties.

Did you know that it’s got a lot less saturated fat than any other cooking oil – even coconut and olive oil.

Omega 3 is one of those essential fatty acids that keep our brain, breathing and circulation working. Rapeseed oil naturally contains 10 times more of this magic stuff than olive oil does.**

It’s high in monounsaturated fats*** (the good guys you find in avocados and nuts), is free from transfats, something you should avoid if you’re watching your cholesterol, and it's got zero carbs.

**Source: http://www.omega-3.se/en/food.html
***Source: http://www.rapeseedoilbenefits.com/guide-rapeseed-oil/rapeseed-oil-nutrients

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