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Crisp 'n Dry is available as...

  • Crisp 'n Dry bottle Bottle

    There's a choice of 1l and 2l bottles – ideal for shallow frying, deep frying, roasting and basting.

  • Crisp 'n Dry Block Block

    Our 500g solid block is perfect for deep frying or roasting – it's great for cooking chips or roast potatoes to perfection.

  • Crisp 'n Dry Spray Spray

    Crisp 'n Dry spray oil is ideal for adding a light amount of oil to your cooking – it's great for light frying, roasting and basting. Plus, the spray pump makes it an easy way to control the amount of vegetable oil you use in your cooking. One short spray (0.6ml) is just three calories*.

* press and release immediately for a typical short spray