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Cook to Perfection

From stir frying and basting to braising and roasting, Crisp 'n Dry is a great all rounder.Before you get stuck into our delicious recipes, you might want to know a bit more about our oil and what makes it so special.

Crisp 'n Dry contains rapeseed oil, which is a great natural source of omega 3. It's been carefully developed to help cook food to perfection and its neutral flavour won't overpower the flavour of your ingredients.

We're fanatical about getting the most out of our food and don't think cooking should be a hassle, so check out our top tips to help you get perfect results every time:

Top Tip

If you're trying to cut down on calories, you can always grill or bake your food – just spray or drizzle some Crisp 'n Dry on your food before popping it in the oven.

Always place tin foil on the baking sheet to save on the washing up!

Spray or drizzle a small amount of Crisp 'n Dry into a wok for a healthy stir fry.

When you're deep frying food, always use a small piece of bread first to test that the oil is hot enough to cook with.

Make sure you get your oil sizzling hot before putting in your potatoes or Yorkshire puds for a perfect roast.

Generously salt the potatoes when in the roasting tray, this will increase the crispyness.

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